Research And Published Writing

Peer-Reviewed Publications

2015. “At War with Social Theory: Instrumental and Communicative Action in US Military Doctrine During the War on Terror.” Small Wars and Insurgencies 26(5): 721-743.

2015. “Effectiveness of Coercive and Persuasive Counterinsurgency Practices since 1945.” Civil Wars. 17(4): 1-25.

2012. “Hegemonic Competition in Intrastate War: The Social Construction of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Iraq’s al-Anbar Province.” Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 35(2): 95- 112.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

July 5, 2017. “Morgenthau’s Realism and Power Balancing in the Middle East.” The National Interest (website).

June 8, 2016. “How Cuomo’s Pandering Endangers Israel.” City and State New York (website). israel.html

February 4, 2016. “Bernie’s World: A Foreign Policy for Sanders.” Foreign Affairs (website).

Current Manuscripts

“Relationalism and Statebuilding Interventions: Networks, State Identity, and Legitimation” (under review)

“’The Way of Progress and Civilization’: Racial Hierarchy and US State Building in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.” (unpublished manuscript)

“The Story of Great Power Concert: A Pluralist Narrative for US Foreign Policy” (unpublished manuscript)

(with Tobias Lemke) “A Tale of Two Empires: Nationalism, State-Building, and the Future of Empire” (unpublished manuscript)

All of these manuscripts are currently being updated. If interested in them, please email me at and I would be happy to send you the latest version.


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